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ZAHNWERK Frästechnik GmbH

Your Dental CAD-CAM Milling Centre

Dental restorations: Modern ceramic materials like zirconia and glass ceramics replace gold and other metals! Zirconia as a material has prevailed for fixed Prosthesis with CAD/CAM technology guaranteeing the best fitting restorations that are free from the dark margins caused by base metals.

CAD-CAM Milling Centre to Dental restorations with Ceramic materials like zirconia and glass ceramics.

Ceramic materials offer much higher aesthetics and biocompatibility for frameworks, crowns, implant bars, and bridges up to 16 units when compared to metal equivalents.

Full contour restorations have become an industry standard. We utilize opaque and highly translucent WIELAND ZENOSTAR as well as 4-layer KATANA zirconia and NEXXZr.T® zirconia (16 Vita-colours) to provide the highest quality restorations.

We also handle Implant cases with individual geometries (abutments, bars, bridges) which are an important part of the ZAHNWERK product line. We can utilize zirconia, chrome-cobalt or titanium for these restorations.

ZAHNWERK Frästechnik GmbH, Solingen, receives STL-data files (separated models only on request) from numerous dental laboratories. The restorations are then milled by CNC machines (2 x Datron D5, Wieland and Imes). ZAHNWERK is very well established in the market as a specialized milling centre and we are well known for precise and quick turnaround times. It is very important to us that the customer will receive the finished work in just a few days.

Time is Money: All data-files that are received before 01:00 p.m. (Solingen time) will be processed the same day.

Many dental suppliers and machine-manufacturers are offering small milling-machines for the laboratories, but most labs are deciding to purchase a scanner only, because of all the extra costs and inventory that goes along with owning a mill.

With a scanner the laboratory still creates all of the design work but the actual milling is done on high standard milling machines by a professional milling centre like ZAHNWERK.
The ZAHNWERK staff consists of only qualified employees (DT) without exception, which guarantees top quality and top Service.


Phone: +49 (0) 212 226 41 43